Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dining table makeover part 5 - Final reveal

Alright, its time to reveal the final output of 2 months project of the dining room make over. I had sooo much fun creating this beautiful colorful family room dining room. Hope you had as much fun looking at it!

More projects to come..see you soon!

Dining table makeover part 4

I thought I had enough time to write about the makeover but I have to run for a party. I am going rush a bit and share the complete project.

Ok so we have dining table,curtains,walls now. One last project was to set up the dining table. I stitched runner,table mat, hand towels and a ring to tie them.

Dining table makeover part3

Now that I have the walls covered and a beautiful dining table in place I dyed the white window curtains to turquoise blue and painted the dining table white, painted chairs white and changed the chairs upholstery with a colorful materials.

I used a oil primer zinsser primer and then painted with glidden pure white paint

Thanks to  my hubby for choosing this beautiful upolstry

Dining room makeover part 2

Since the idea is to have a colorful space, I painted all the frames in different colors. Theres also more to these frames. I wanted it to be special and create interest for the viewers.
I made all my family members do something that they always wanted to do but never did and take a pic. I put their pictures in their favorite color frame. It took sometime to get the pictures from them and I am still waiting for more but it was fun project to do.

Heres the empty frames..will reveal the pictures later (oh thats my husband working :))

Dining room make over part1

Although I have not been blogging a lot, I have been doing lot of projects for my home. As soon as I finished my family room, I starting thinking about dining room and it had to be as colourful as the family room if not more....

First I started with getting rid of my old dining table and found an awesome 10 seater dining table for $40 in craigslist...its the best $40 I spent....its probably going to be with me until I live in this country!

Heres the pic