Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tech Design - Mobile World Congress

I am very happy to be part of such a big event. Its held at espanya, barcelona. It is too huge...hard to explain in words...Let me show you..

Loved the way the entire space was designed!

Dinner for 2 - 135 euros!

After 13 long hrs of work I was dead tired, hungry and sleepy. Like Vivek says in minnale, love waves between me and my hubby is always at full strength..he had already made a reservation for the night in a beautiful beach side Arabic themed lounge. I met him around 9pm and our reservation was at 10pm...we took shelter in another bar for an hour which was also beach facing...it was such a relaxing lounge..photos below


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Thai Siam, Barcelona

Husband darling is here in Barcelona on vacation (while I work ::((( ). Having come from bay area where I am used to good food *lucky me*...my body needs food and cannot compromise on the quality. Although Barcelona is a touristy place...they seem to have great love for their food..I couldnt find any place with veggie options so I have been pretty much living with bread /cereal. I was craving for rice and sambar and roti and list never ends. I went to a thai restaurant near my work.... It was a small and cute (very european) restaurant... and the food was yummmmmm. I wanted to go again since thats seems to be my only option which is somewhat closer to my comfort food. I took my hubby yesterday... he loved the interior and the food. Heres the interior of the restaurant...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spanish buildings

Every European country's architechture is different, they all have a charm. Although the place I am in, in Barcelona feels like Paris, there is something unique about the buildings. Each apartment has unique patterns carved out on them..they look so beautiful. They are such a treat to see. Here are some for you to enjoy:

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Design on the block

I havent got a chance to go around barcelona but the look and feel is like paris..I noticed few things on my way to work...It was interesting see the pavement and door with a pattern. will get more pictures of the city and architechture later...



Monday, February 20, 2012


Old is Gold. Can you believe these could make some money?

These old cameras were atleast 40 euros each and many were even more...who would have thought?! save up your stuff so you can sell after 40 yrs...may be the windows PC ;-)

Solicit love advise

Alright...I am LOVE and I want to take it with me...fair enough ya?

The question is - is it the red or the blue coffee cups...What do my readers suggest?

The chickens are coming with me :)

Spanish kitchen and garden

Its been a day and i wanted to have normal sleep hours atleast in this trip. I escaped from work by 5 and didnt want to go to the apartment instead I decided to roam around and hunt for some designs. Look what I found...


(Have some patience,long list)

(I did buy one of the bowl in the above pictures :p)

My apartment in barcelona,spain

After 18 long hour flight with no personal entertainment TV :((( I reached barcelona on late sunday evening to a beautiful spanish apartment which was in the middle of everything! It is like staying in T.nagar in one of those quite streets. It has large living room with exposed brick (I always wanted to see if I like to have them in my house and I love it), 2 bedroom, small kitchen. Living room and kitchen look out to a cute(aka little) courtyard...Here are the pictures (Again, apologise for the quality of the pictures..1) its night 2) I used my cell phone. I am buying an awesome camera. So, its going to get much better)

Entrance to the apartment on the road

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Off to barcelona....coming up spanish designs and architecture! Ciao

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dream white kitchen

My dream kitchen will be clean,crisp WHITE kitchen with lots of light. Some of the features I would like to have -
Few transparent glass cabinets, white back splash may be a subway tile, stainless steel appliances, white quartz counter top (difficult to maintain but worth it)...would like a island if the kitchen is large but I dont like big grand kitchen but decent sized cute one. Some white kitchens that I enjoyed in the web....

Check out the stove...LOVE

Kitchen beauty

This is a woman's territory, well most women and it ought to be kept clean and beautiful.  Everything here is an accessory. Imagine a kitchen with everything put in beautiful containers and kept neatly...i bet even if you dont know how to cook ..you would want to try something :) I tried to make my kitchen as pretty/organised as possible just so that i get motivated to get in there and try something...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Space savers

Right size furniture is going to decide the look of your room. I have seen houses with all kinds of furtinure clog up the room and make it to appear small. To me, a room with lot of moving space works the best and the furtinures should match. On that note, here a tip..

I like the idea of space saving furnitures...check this out


What do my readers think?

Lets recycle

I mean literally...pleaseeee

5 min time out stool

Would you want this?  :-)

Monday, February 13, 2012

My first potterybarn!

After 1 week of wait and $300 later, I become the honorable 1st grabber of this beauty and it joins my cannot live without list!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Design on its way...

My friends apartment  (continuing on my previous post)...

(click on the picture below to enlarge)

The inspiration for the rom was the wall art. I picked the color from it (red,green,yellow) and built the room around it. Selected a red rug, green and red pilllows and a black coffe table. Added a bowl with mixed color potpuri/green candle. Still something was missing...needed a yellow to tie things together, so added a yellow leafy stand. Put together formed a beautiful room!

Picture of the room in the previous post..

My First freelance work

One of my very close friend was living away from her husband for a long time. One fine day, she got to know her husband found a job in her city and going to move..yeeee!!! She was going to live with him for the 1st time after their wedding and wanted to setup her apartment. She asked me to help her with the process. I jumped with excitement and said abso-freaking-lutely...yeeeee!!!! She was on rent and didnt want to invest too much. I had to work with limited budget...so we went out shopping for furniture and accessories to not so expensive stores but can get good stuff if we dig . Just like you need side dish, papad, pickle etc with your meal... accessories make the space more interesting and to me they are a must when you setup your house.

We got a nice sofa, coffee table, rug, wall art, dining table, more wall arts and few other accessories. Unfortunately I dont have many pictures of my work but heres what I have....

Thank you Bhavani for letting me do this for you!! I would love to do this for all my friends...so you know my number!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Few picks for this week

Its 1 week since I came back from sweden and still suffering with jetlag....i knew nothing but looking at interior designs is going to keep me up! So I went to all my fav stores in bay area and found some wonderful pieces...

This chandelier sure makes a statement...

Friday, February 3, 2012

Continuing on the inspiration...

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I was inspired by this beautiful pier1 table lamp and decorated one of my bedroom. Those are the only light source for the room which makes it very warm and cozy. I added cream bedding, a aantique clock, wall decor and few other accent pieces which I will post later. Heres the bedroom look...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

My cozy family room

This is my cozy family room....as much as I love this setup, I really need a change...I am tired of the brown look. I am thinking white paint with turquoise accent wall, white couch, accent chair and white frame picture collage.. Its a fight between heart and mind, what do you think. Should I or not?  Any voters for turquoise room?

something like this...

Baby steps

When I mentioned in my initial blog that I will persue my interior design career, I didnt mention about the course i took....no secret but I felt its not worth mentioning yet. I joined "profession certification in interior design and architecture" course in Berkeley! I did a 3 months course on the Design principles and elements and learnt a LOT! It changed my perspective about looking at design.. its more than just decorating the house but a little more deeper into the design and how it talks to us...anyway thats a different world inside my brain...but here are some of the designs I made during my course...

First project:

I was asked to design a pattern and here it is...

Second project:

Create a structure, I designed the following and I imagined it to be a sports stadium. Someone in my class mentioned, she would use it as a outdoor space in her backyard .....

Later, we were asked to build something based on our 1st pattern and I imagined it to be a wall candle holder. I made one and hung in living room which is black and white theme remember ;-)

It could be used as a pattern in gift wraps,tiles,rug or your imagination :-)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Turquoise beauty

Turquoise is one color that undoubtedly makes you feel relaxed. Turquoise beach, turquoise pool with turquoise interior = ??? I will let you fill that part :-) Now enjoy the lovely hawaii resort pool area..