Saturday, February 25, 2012

Thai Siam, Barcelona

Husband darling is here in Barcelona on vacation (while I work ::((( ). Having come from bay area where I am used to good food *lucky me* body needs food and cannot compromise on the quality. Although Barcelona is a touristy place...they seem to have great love for their food..I couldnt find any place with veggie options so I have been pretty much living with bread /cereal. I was craving for rice and sambar and roti and list never ends. I went to a thai restaurant near my work.... It was a small and cute (very european) restaurant... and the food was yummmmmm. I wanted to go again since thats seems to be my only option which is somewhat closer to my comfort food. I took my hubby yesterday... he loved the interior and the food. Heres the interior of the restaurant...