Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Space savers

Right size furniture is going to decide the look of your room. I have seen houses with all kinds of furtinure clog up the room and make it to appear small. To me, a room with lot of moving space works the best and the furtinures should match. On that note, here a tip..

I like the idea of space saving furnitures...check this out

What do my readers think?


  1. Interesting.
    I think you should next post about your kitchen containers.I like them all.You have an interesting combination of assorted containers.

    Anu,you temptress.Am going to Ikea this weekend.Thanks to you.hmph.

    1. :-) thanks Meena! I will post. I wish I could join you to Ikea..may be next time. what are you going to buy?

  2. not much...i need a few shelves for my pantry ...then some storage solutions for shriram's toys and books,appuram oru lamp..avlo thaan....a beautiful house is such a joy,no???
    and i love ur house....i remember feeling so relieved and protected,when i stayed at ur place...thtz exactly the vibe one should get from a house.i wish cud visit more often.