Thursday, March 29, 2012

Family room makeover part -3 (FINAL)

Now comes the before and after picture :D

My colorful family room

Family room makeover part-2

What happened before it all turned out perfect...

First things first - Got rid of the brown couch...i cannot tell you how happy I was when that happened...phewww

Started with a clean slate and I knew it had to be a white room. I went for the Benjamin Moore Decorators White paint for the family/dining area. White is a very difficult color, you can screw up the whole room just by painting the room white. I searched all over the internet and made sure i got the right one. I have to tell you, it did not let me down. I have very little light coming into the family room and bright light in my dining room. The color works in both the places!!

So white it was!

Loved the light reflecting off of the white walls...nothing like it

I unpacked the furniture the same night

and I already knew it was going to look pretty pretty

then to the accessories... I had made plans to put up something funny (yes, we are those funny people). Prad and I took pictures mimicking actors from all my favorite films to put above the it was just a matter of picking up right frames and arranging them...

and there it was!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Home made!

I have tried some wall art (not art literally :p but some wall stuff) for my family room make over. I saw the below one in internet which i couldnt afford and it wont go with my room style, so i tried to make one myself the way I wanted.

Heres what I made (not so perfect but hey its my home not a museum)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Interesting to see my imagination in a product

Check this link

Looks like a stadium that i imagined, in this link (second project):

Family room makeover - peekaboo

Heres what coming in the room

Another creative project for the wall. Goes right above the white couch

Its ok to write freestyle..makes it more personal

whats a house without a chalkboard? heres mine

Spray paint chalkboard paint

The idea is not to spend too much and at the same time bring personal touch :-)

Door decor for $50

Heres how you change a simple boring entry door to pretty..that too under $50

I got a stool from craigslist and few cute accessories from Michaels. A lamp and a holder from Pier1. For the sign board, I wanted to try something creative and no very expensive. I buy a lot of things from amazon and they all come with good packing. I picked up one of those card boards.

Spray painted it in red color

Let it dry for sometime ...used my paint that I will use for my wall ..wrote welcome on it in my own way ;-)

I made holes and a thread to hang on the door

Accessorised the rest of the place with

Added a pebble door mat and hung the sign board on the door

and Finally you get this look. Tadaaaaaa

Stool - $10
Michaels - $14
Candle holder - $7
Candle holder stand - $9
Door mat - $10
project - 2 hours

Now do you want this look?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Family room makeover - part1

After 2 yrs of fighting,begging,tantrums etc I got my white couch this weekend! I will go through with you all my family room makeover in following blogs. So far, I have a design in my mind and got rid of my recliner couch and single seat. Rest coming soon...

Monday, March 12, 2012

Chit chat with my husband

A typical conversation with my husband

Husband - Toosh, I had a great day today at bay 101. I played very well, i read all of them so well that everyone was scared whenever I played a hand

Me - I was thinking of having a bench sofa in the family room. May be some storage below..super white and nice comfy pillows on them

Husband - I had pocket aces, there was king,2 and aces. I had my set right then but I slowed played and pushed 1/3 of the pot size..

Me - Above the white couch, I am going to put the funny pictures that we took last week. I just cant figure out what the pillow color will be

Husband - 2 guys pushed all in and I happily called. They didnt hit anything and I won it :)

Me - What do you think I should do for the wall color..i think i will go with benjamin moore decorators white or may be white dove..ohhh super...good job jaanu..u won the pot!! :)

and thats our most romantic time of the day!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Away message

Will be mostly away from blogging until end of april unless I find something very interesting to share :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Chill Pill

I was feel low all evening for no reason (it happens to all the women i think or may be not) I was browsing through and bumped into this rug and instantly felt very happy and it me and do you also feel that way?

May be it was just that I found something that I liked made me happy..whatever it is..check this out

Street light

We (me and few friends) had dinner at our office party whcih was very boring. We wanted to get out and have a real party. So we went to a wine bar (best in town) and on my way I saw this beautiful street light. It was fire and not a electrical bulb. It was soo different!!

After all this am I allowed to say I am in love with europe and ought to go there every year atleast twice :) :) alright atleast once!?! :D

cozy corners

I went a authentic spanish restaurant that was really cute (again small ;-)) and I saw these lovely spider lamps (check previous posting) and they had this super cool idea of giving out menu...they hung out the menu above you (ofcourse I was in the bar ;))

you could just look up and order whatever you want :D

Also found this cozy corner downstairs ... so cute isnt??

One last piece left

Check out these awesome spider web lights...i was told they dont make them sad :(