Thursday, March 29, 2012

Family room makeover part-2

What happened before it all turned out perfect...

First things first - Got rid of the brown couch...i cannot tell you how happy I was when that happened...phewww

Started with a clean slate and I knew it had to be a white room. I went for the Benjamin Moore Decorators White paint for the family/dining area. White is a very difficult color, you can screw up the whole room just by painting the room white. I searched all over the internet and made sure i got the right one. I have to tell you, it did not let me down. I have very little light coming into the family room and bright light in my dining room. The color works in both the places!!

So white it was!

Loved the light reflecting off of the white walls...nothing like it

I unpacked the furniture the same night

and I already knew it was going to look pretty pretty

then to the accessories... I had made plans to put up something funny (yes, we are those funny people). Prad and I took pictures mimicking actors from all my favorite films to put above the it was just a matter of picking up right frames and arranging them...

and there it was!

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  1. so much of hardwork Anu man.....great job.