Monday, March 12, 2012

Chit chat with my husband

A typical conversation with my husband

Husband - Toosh, I had a great day today at bay 101. I played very well, i read all of them so well that everyone was scared whenever I played a hand

Me - I was thinking of having a bench sofa in the family room. May be some storage below..super white and nice comfy pillows on them

Husband - I had pocket aces, there was king,2 and aces. I had my set right then but I slowed played and pushed 1/3 of the pot size..

Me - Above the white couch, I am going to put the funny pictures that we took last week. I just cant figure out what the pillow color will be

Husband - 2 guys pushed all in and I happily called. They didnt hit anything and I won it :)

Me - What do you think I should do for the wall color..i think i will go with benjamin moore decorators white or may be white dove..ohhh super...good job jaanu..u won the pot!! :)

and thats our most romantic time of the day!!


  1. :)

    Scene change to Mansion grove,the home of MK-SK-SS.

    MK: [After 20 minutes of continuos chatter about the day,daycare,yoga, ayurveda,overseas holiday trip,weight gain,designer bag,etc,etc...] so what do you think?

    SK : Yes baby.[Intently looking at the sky]Did you notice the distance between Jupiter and venus is decreasing by the day???Strange,is' nt it?

    MK: Yeah Right!