Sunday, January 29, 2012


How are great designs created? How does one choose color,furniture and texture to design a room? I wonder!?I dont know how designers do but this is how I tried...

I liked a light fixture in a store and bought it. I built the entire room around that. In this, the white/grey lamp was my inspiration and I designed my room with black,white and grey color. Once I decided the color, it was easy for me to pick and place the rest of the things. I gave personal touch by adding pictures taken by me. Ofcource I converted them to black and white picture.  The sofa in my fav, its formal and can accommodate 6 people atleast (the coffee table has 2 seats hidden), perfect for a living room! Grey rug, picture stand and few accessories completed the look.

I did the same for one of my bedroom...will post picture later..Hope this inspires you to design your room..see ya :-)

Saturday, January 28, 2012


This is what I call creativity!!I love this building. Wondering if you have seen this building somewhere in the background and its blurred....I don't blame can you notice this when the gorgeous Sirman is dancing in front of this beauty, it surely will be out of focus (check panchathandiram ennodu kadal vandhadhu song) :-)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Last walk...

I was tired walking around looking for swedish design, my feet hurt. I just wanted to go back to the hotel and crash  as I had an early flight to catch. Ok thats a lie..i did stop at few places to check out some dress..womennnn!! ahem..ahem.. moving on... I came out of the store, looked the beautiful city, I had no idea when I would come back to enjoy this beauty. The streets were well lit...surprisingly the swedish govt waited for me to visit before they took down the xmas decoration! It was bright and festive everywhere...I started walking back and felt the fresh snow on my was beautiful...I was freezing but it didnt bother me....I couldnt go back....I took one last walk in the streets before I returned!

The decorations on the trees were the one that grabbed by attention (apologise..I really have a bad camera)

Scandinavian design

It was my last day in sweden. Now it wont be fair to leave sweden before checking out some swedish design, would it? I quickly finished my work this afternoon, packed my things and left work. I stayed in a hotel that was right in middle of everything, I decided to take a walk in the streets of stockholm which had lot of shops to look.I like swedish design. They are simple, stylish and comfortable. I did spot some cool stuff which I have posted below. Hope you like it...

Lets begin with a chair...


I soo wanted to buy this window treatment but i couldnt imagine any place to use in my house :-(

Loved the bold flower...would be wonderful to be a bed spread or a duvet/pillow cover in a white room..

Beautiful piece...If only KLM allowed 2 luggage..sighhhh!

This candle holder was BIGG...good one to have in an patio..


I usually would like to see 3 such things hang. But this worked with each other so well, I didnt feel the need for another one...cute

This is what I call 'space well used'. This was under a staircase with water sound creating a quiet place for a coversation or reading a book. Love it!

I couldnt really figure out what this was..It was in swedish and I am guessing its a window treatment. It looks cute.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

My cute little patio

Its 23F outside. No one can recognise me or appreciate my beautiful dress as its burried under layers an my 50pound jacket....I can barely see beyond 10feet.. This is all I could think now...SUMMERRRR

Do you rush clean your house when you have a guest coming???well, heres something that could hide your clutter. One of my fav pick

You can get it in target for less than $150.
Old and the new...

It was amazing to see Arc de Triomphe from the new Paris!

Beautiful Paris

Is your husband not enjoying shopping? Try this one - Lafayette Mall, paris..brilliant architecture!!!

Far away from home

I was stuck alone far away from home where its cold/snowy most of the time (no complaints about the was beautiful).I was looking for a cozy nook where I could enjoy the snow in the warmth and there it was - this cute little place. The colors where soooo refreshing after all the black and white scene outside.

some history

My mom says that she always put me in front of colorful sarees which are drying outside in the sun and I watched it for hours and hours quietly while she got all her work done. Like every middle class family in India, I had to become an engineer or a doctor and I became one. In the recent past, I have discovered deep love for beautiful interior/exterior spaces, it doesnt seem to be a 6 months dance class, 1 month music class kinda fading thing. Its ON for a long time now...Now after 30 yrs, It all added up and I have realised afterall my saree gazing did have a meaning ;-) I had to be a designer!!!Between my job and the commitment, its really hard to break my routine and jump on it- but I am hoping one day I will be an interior desginer. Thats my story and I promise I will not bore you with this anymore. From now on, I will post my experience,learning and pics of the design I like hoping to inspire and entertain you! So stay tuned...