Sunday, January 29, 2012


How are great designs created? How does one choose color,furniture and texture to design a room? I wonder!?I dont know how designers do but this is how I tried...

I liked a light fixture in a store and bought it. I built the entire room around that. In this, the white/grey lamp was my inspiration and I designed my room with black,white and grey color. Once I decided the color, it was easy for me to pick and place the rest of the things. I gave personal touch by adding pictures taken by me. Ofcource I converted them to black and white picture.  The sofa in my fav, its formal and can accommodate 6 people atleast (the coffee table has 2 seats hidden), perfect for a living room! Grey rug, picture stand and few accessories completed the look.

I did the same for one of my bedroom...will post picture later..Hope this inspires you to design your room..see ya :-)


  1. Its indeed a beautiful place!

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    1. This is my favorite place in your house :) The colors bring a retro style to this room.