Friday, January 27, 2012

Scandinavian design

It was my last day in sweden. Now it wont be fair to leave sweden before checking out some swedish design, would it? I quickly finished my work this afternoon, packed my things and left work. I stayed in a hotel that was right in middle of everything, I decided to take a walk in the streets of stockholm which had lot of shops to look.I like swedish design. They are simple, stylish and comfortable. I did spot some cool stuff which I have posted below. Hope you like it...

Lets begin with a chair...


I soo wanted to buy this window treatment but i couldnt imagine any place to use in my house :-(

Loved the bold flower...would be wonderful to be a bed spread or a duvet/pillow cover in a white room..

Beautiful piece...If only KLM allowed 2 luggage..sighhhh!

This candle holder was BIGG...good one to have in an patio..


I usually would like to see 3 such things hang. But this worked with each other so well, I didnt feel the need for another one...cute

This is what I call 'space well used'. This was under a staircase with water sound creating a quiet place for a coversation or reading a book. Love it!

I couldnt really figure out what this was..It was in swedish and I am guessing its a window treatment. It looks cute.


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