Thursday, February 2, 2012

Baby steps

When I mentioned in my initial blog that I will persue my interior design career, I didnt mention about the course i secret but I felt its not worth mentioning yet. I joined "profession certification in interior design and architecture" course in Berkeley! I did a 3 months course on the Design principles and elements and learnt a LOT! It changed my perspective about looking at design.. its more than just decorating the house but a little more deeper into the design and how it talks to us...anyway thats a different world inside my brain...but here are some of the designs I made during my course...

First project:

I was asked to design a pattern and here it is...

Second project:

Create a structure, I designed the following and I imagined it to be a sports stadium. Someone in my class mentioned, she would use it as a outdoor space in her backyard .....

Later, we were asked to build something based on our 1st pattern and I imagined it to be a wall candle holder. I made one and hung in living room which is black and white theme remember ;-)

It could be used as a pattern in gift wraps,tiles,rug or your imagination :-)


  1. Nice post! You're creative :) I am looking at the candle holder and dark chocolate cake with white chocolate swirls..Yummy!

    1. hehehe...thats one way of looking at it ..probably the best way :)