Thursday, February 9, 2012

My First freelance work

One of my very close friend was living away from her husband for a long time. One fine day, she got to know her husband found a job in her city and going to move..yeeee!!! She was going to live with him for the 1st time after their wedding and wanted to setup her apartment. She asked me to help her with the process. I jumped with excitement and said abso-freaking-lutely...yeeeee!!!! She was on rent and didnt want to invest too much. I had to work with limited we went out shopping for furniture and accessories to not so expensive stores but can get good stuff if we dig . Just like you need side dish, papad, pickle etc with your meal... accessories make the space more interesting and to me they are a must when you setup your house.

We got a nice sofa, coffee table, rug, wall art, dining table, more wall arts and few other accessories. Unfortunately I dont have many pictures of my work but heres what I have....

Thank you Bhavani for letting me do this for you!! I would love to do this for all my you know my number!!


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