Monday, February 20, 2012

My apartment in barcelona,spain

After 18 long hour flight with no personal entertainment TV :((( I reached barcelona on late sunday evening to a beautiful spanish apartment which was in the middle of everything! It is like staying in T.nagar in one of those quite streets. It has large living room with exposed brick (I always wanted to see if I like to have them in my house and I love it), 2 bedroom, small kitchen. Living room and kitchen look out to a cute(aka little) courtyard...Here are the pictures (Again, apologise for the quality of the pictures..1) its night 2) I used my cell phone. I am buying an awesome camera. So, its going to get much better)

Entrance to the apartment on the road

Spanish staircase leading up to the apartment

Inside apartment..step up to the living room

Living room as soon as you enter

One of the bed room is down few steps

Living room

Looking out to the courtyard

Cute Courtyard from kitchen


  1. Wow..OK..My resignation letter is typed i allowed to be jealous btw??just a teeny bit?i hope tht is ok u lucky b***h

    1. Go ahead and feel what I want you to feel...jealous!! (line by carry bradshaw :-D) if it makes u any better...i will shutdown from all this soon...

  2. shutting down???whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?????