Thursday, February 9, 2012

Design on its way...

My friends apartment  (continuing on my previous post)...

(click on the picture below to enlarge)

The inspiration for the rom was the wall art. I picked the color from it (red,green,yellow) and built the room around it. Selected a red rug, green and red pilllows and a black coffe table. Added a bowl with mixed color potpuri/green candle. Still something was missing...needed a yellow to tie things together, so added a yellow leafy stand. Put together formed a beautiful room!

Picture of the room in the previous post..


  1. Nice Post! Ideeli always has a home decor section with beautiful pieces (mind you it's terribly expensive but definitely droolworthy!)

    1. Hey I checked ideeli..its not bad at all..the scones and candle holder seems to be ok priced :-)