Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dinner for 2 - 135 euros!

After 13 long hrs of work I was dead tired, hungry and sleepy. Like Vivek says in minnale, love waves between me and my hubby is always at full strength..he had already made a reservation for the night in a beautiful beach side Arabic themed lounge. I met him around 9pm and our reservation was at 10pm...we took shelter in another bar for an hour which was also beach facing...it was such a relaxing lounge..photos below



After a glass of mojito and a glass of wine...we were off to the restaurant. It was soooo BEAUTIFUL..

The food was very good (ofcourse pricey) and they offered massage..OHHHH the massage...I can still feel it... Over all it was a great experience and money well spent!


  1. Subhasri- It was a fusion cusine..we had some spring rolls(which were just out of the world!) and then some more spring rolls and fried rice..

    Meena- Ya she got herself a hot girl massage :)